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About The Boat

REEL PURSUIT is well suited for both inshore and offshore fishing adventures. She is a 34 foot Craig Blackwell custom built Carolina Boat designed and operated for the very best fishing and is equipped with the latest in navigation, safety and fishing gear.

The Reel Pursuit is always ready to fish.

What to Bring on the Boat

To have a wonderful day on the boat you will want to bring a few things.  While Captain Paul and the Reel Pursuit has most all the things you will need for a great day of fishing including life jackets and some sun screen, you may want to bring a few things with you, especially depending on the weather.  Certain clothes, any medications, food and beverage as well as a camera to capture a photo of the one that got away are all things you may want to bring!


No, you wont need any commercial fishing gear, but it can get cool on the water, make sure you have layers, sweatshirt or a windbreaker. You will also want to wear some sensible shoes. You may also want to bring a hat and sunglasses as the sun can get pretty hot beating down on you and it gets pretty bright on the water.


Make sure to bring your camera, sometimes this is better than your phone. You may also want to bring a video camera or even an underwater camera if you have one. Taking some great photos will be memories you will have to share for a long time.


You may want to bring some food and beverages for your day on the water. Feel free to bring your favorite alcoholic beverage as well, but please drink responsibly.