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There are no limits on the number of Mackerel you can catch. When trips start early enough, we can go catch Mackerel for bait to get the bigger fish!


The limit for catching Flounder is each fish must be 12 inches and you're allowed to keep 8 fish per person.


Just like the Mackerel, there is not size or number limit on the number of Bluefish you can catch. These fish put up a fun fight and have really sharp teeth.

Striped Bass

To keep your Striped Bass, a fish it needs to be 28 inches in length and each person is allowed to keep one fish. 

Bluefin Tuna

Tuna, probably the most elusive and most fun fish to try to catch. The limits on Tuna are unique. Each person is allowed 1 fish 27" to 47" long and 1 fish 48" to 72" long. Finding and catching these fish is an adventure.


The ocean is full of multiple types of shark. These fish are a lot of fun to catch. Most times you'll catch a Blue shark, and you'll probably throw that back as they are not that good to eat. However, should you catch a Mako, Thresher or Porbeagle, there is no size limit, though we would not bring in a baby, they make for great eating.